Sponsorship Program

Our Sponsorship Program

What is the Future Life Plan Sponsorship Program  about?

Future Life Plan is proud of their history of sharing wealth and knowledge. We actively provide support through either direct financial support or in-kind goods or services.

We provide sponsorship support to a range of community organisations such as schools, charities and sporting clubs.

Future Life Plan also provides sponsorship for staff at their place of business to help create a real sense of community and teamwork in the work place.

Our sponsorship criteria

We direct our sponsorship to support the communities in which our business operates, focusing this support on three priority areas. These areas are:

  • Health and wellbeing – activities supporting health, recreation and participation, and safety
  • Education, training and wellbeing – supporting the education, skill development, esteem and wellbeing of people no matter what age
  • Environmental sustainability – supporting conservation, improvement and education initiatives that result in improved environmental awareness or positive environmental outcomes.

Please note that we will not enter gambling, tobacco, alcohol or drug-related sponsorships.

To find out more about how Future Life Plan’s sponsorship program can assist you, please contact us today