Our Financial Literacy Program

What is the Future Life Plan Financial Literacy Program about?

Future Life Plan helps businesses to stand out from their competitors by establishing thought provoking and entertaining workplace financial education programs for their employees.

Our financial education presentation is not about “Superannuation”. It is about improving your life financially.

Once this happens the direct results for employers are,

  • An increase in talent retention
  • Improvement in workplace productivity
  • Increased company loyalty
  • Less staff turnover
  • Happier and healthier workplace environment

The immediate gains for the staff for participating in the get financially fit presentation

  • Less stress in their relationships,
  • They have more purpose in their life as we will help them establish clear goals with a plan to achieve them.
  • The pressure comes off their personal lives as we will show them skills on how to manage their money better
  • Your staff will be happier to come to work as the pressure in their lives is reduced and their health improves.

To learn more on how our Financial Literacy Program can help you and your employees, please contact us today.